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Refinding On/Offline Community

So I’ve been absent from creating media online for a while. Life intervened… Better said, I let life intervene. Now…

Damn My Anxiety

In retrospect, it wasn’t such a huge deal. I suppose that working on my social skills is important.

Serious discussions concerning television shows based on super hero comics makes me happy.

A Partial View

I was working on this website all morning – and I just got so damn frustrated with thinking about the…

Experiencing scattered brain and scattered needs. I feel scattered. Scat-scat-doob-ba-bolou-w0w-ow-sshkipada-boop.

The Project/s of Future Past

I decided that in order to keep things as simple as possible, I’m going to start vlogging directly from my…

What comes next?

My first vlog on a new channel. You can follow me here or subscribe at youtube.com/exalbytes

Finding the time to work on this damn thing is getting frustrating.

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