Refinding On/Offline Community

So I’ve been absent from creating media online for a while. Life intervened… Better said, I let life intervene. Now I’m ready to return to it, and in doing so find my community again. My relationship with creating media for…



Serious discussions concerning television shows based on super hero comics makes me happy.

A Partial View

I was working on this website all morning – and I just got so damn frustrated with thinking about the website, how I want people to interact with it, what I want to show – that I just needed to fuck something up. Adding to this frustration is my larger project based on 130 sum vlogs and 7 hours worth of videos.


So following the unspoken rules of Vlogging – I made this video with all of those pieces and CRUSHED them into 4 mins. It felt good – I may want to come back and destroy them a little further at a later point.

The Project/s of Future Past

I decided that in order to keep things as simple as possible, I’m going to start vlogging directly from my iPhone. When I sat down to record this one, I had intentions of discussing something completely different. It escapes me now, but what must come out, must come out.