Refinding On/Offline Community

So I’ve been absent from creating media online for a while. Life intervened… Better said, I let life intervene. Now I’m ready to return to it, and in doing so find my community again.

My relationship with creating media for online consumptions (YouTube) has changed. (I mentioned that in my first vlog posted on this website.) And now, it’s as if I’m starting from scratch. Having already experienced all the awkwardness, and mind boggling things that are usually associated to creating videos for YouTube,  I feel better prepared to reengage with the medium. To do so, one of my many tasks is to find that group/community again. Online and Off.

The plan is simple. Bug people. Create videos on YouTube – speaking my mind, observations, vents… and let them ride. The first time around, I played the “game” established by the young forum and it did well for me. But this time around – I’m going to leave things to do what they will a little more organically.

The second part, reach out to local artists who are creating in this space with a more critical goal in mind. To help shape the sphere of sharing your videos online. To possibly find a solution for alternative methods of video community sharing. I’ve posted a call for artist collaborators on Craigslist. I wonder what attention – if any – that will bring.

Although not-so-secretly I hope that I find some special people out there that can really help discover and flourish this new media experience.


A Partial View

I was working on this website all morning – and I just got so damn frustrated with thinking about the website, how I want people to interact with it, what I want to show – that I just needed to fuck something up. Adding to this frustration is my larger project based on 130 sum vlogs and 7 hours worth of videos.


So following the unspoken rules of Vlogging – I made this video with all of those pieces and CRUSHED them into 4 mins. It felt good – I may want to come back and destroy them a little further at a later point.